Affordable Riding Gear

The Happinessย of riding a bike is unmatched, you don’t want it to get sour anytime.. Evey time you ride a bike, you must take care that you are riding it with full caution.. Safety gear is must to #KeepYouInOnePieceย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜…

So here I am posting a list of Safety Gear(s) which are utmost important while riding a bike.. The Gear ranges from as low as Rs. 200 (things like Buff, Gloves, etc. ) to as much as you can afford actually… No matter how much you spend on other things, make sure to spend at least 45% on a Helmet.. You know there’s a saying,ย Sar Salamat to Pagdi Hazaar… Now you know why.. So lets start..


Make sure you spend the max budget on the helmet you buy.. ย Brands like Vega, Kranos, Studds, MT, etc give an awesome value for money… See the one that fits your head perfectly, Online SIZE CHARTS should help you in this..

Buy from

Riding Jackets

As pricing and variety mostly depend on the size and the material you are desiring, jackets completely depend on personal taste.. While buying make sure its thick and washable as thick jackets soak up all the shock when/if you fell off from the bike and prevents minor scratches…

Buy from Spartan Pro Gear

Shin and Elbow Guards

These protect your joints and prevents fracture on most occasion.. These are very essential if you want to walk on both your legs and ride back again after a fatal accident.. Investing in a long shin guard can be very fruitful while toughened plastic elbow guards will do the job just fine..

Buy the Shin guards from Amazon

Buy the Elbow Guards from Amazon

Riding Gloves

They soak up must of the vibration from the handle bar (if any) and prevent finger injuries when you fell.. The Also are essential as the provide proper wrist support for holding the accelerator and the clutch bar.. You can buy the ones from ProBiker as they are quite affordable and do the job perfectly.. I myself use them and do highly recommend them..

Buy from Amazon

High Ankle Shoes

These are completely different from your regular loafers and shoes.. The high ankle length ensures your foot don’t get twist when you fell from the bike.. Again, even these depend on which you buy and from where you buy.. If your use is low to moderate you can go for the one’s in the link… These were my first High Ankle Shoes and really are good..

Buy from Amazon

Thats it… All the basics that you need for a safe Ride on any terrain…

Get Out and Explore…


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