Lavasa Ride

Date – 5th October 2016

It was a very unusual day as the Monsoon was long gone but it was about to rain.. In the midst of the situation someone sparked with an idea to go to Lavasa for a #BikeRide.. So we decided to bunk the college that day, and so we set off with 2 Royal Enfields, a KTM and a Suzuki..


I was riding my Thunderbird which just glides effortlessly on the Winding Smooth Tarmac Roads that lead to Lavasa which passes through several Ghats, Valleys, Waterfalls; You can say that the area becomes Heaven when it rains.. Lavasa is a True Blue Paradise for Bikers, No matter what you ride, you are definitely up for something..

It was raining pretty hard and as we were approaching the #LakeCity, we stopped at numerous spots for Photo Sessions.. In the Mountains we were all surrounded by Thick Fog which apparently were the Clouds… It was such a beautiful or you can say eye-pleasing view that we decided to stop and take a break as the visibilty was almost zero..


So after taking a short break, filling up our appetite, we set off again.. Cruising at around 70km/h we reached Lavasa by around 12p… There were hardly any people out there due to the Heavy Rains and Constant Landslides in the area so the roads were empty making our lives that much more enjoyable to test out the maximum output from our engines..

By 3pm we were back wandering in to the city (its basically a colony) which is inspired by the city of Portofino in Italy on the Mediterranean coast clicking photographs and preping to head back home…

You might have seen this place in various hit Bollywood MOVIES like Jai Ho, Gabbar is Back, Bodyguard, etc … Lavsa is also Home to India Bike Week that takes place in July each year when all the superbikers from India and abroad come and showcase their biking skills here..

All in All its a great place if you are in Pune and one of the must visits as Lovnavala is getting common and everyone is visiting Lonavala, just try Lavsa and it won’t let you down..

Wait for my next block and till then have a look at this above journey through the photos below..

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Happy Riding.. #RideSafe..


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