Road Safety Awareness Ride

On 22nd January 2016, I did a Road Safety Awareness Ride in association with Pune Police and Seasons Mall #Pune.. Er, I am also a part and member of Blitzkrieg Riding Club, Pune which is the one of the largest #RoyalEnfield Clubs in India with over 500 Passionate Enfield Riders..

So Our Club was invited by the Seasons Mall Team to take part in their Road Safety Awareness Ride which was arranged in association with the invincible Pune Police.. The Ride basically was to promote the use of Helmets and other safety gear while riding a two wheeler among the Locals..

The Blitzkrieg Riding Club

So we, team BRC, and the Harley Davidson Owners’ Group, the HOGs, met at Seasons Mall by 7am..

Royal Enfield Thunderbird(s)

The occasion witnessed the presence of Hon. Commissioner of Police – Smt. Rashmi Shukla, Join Commisioner of Police – Mr. Sunil Ramanand. DCP Zone4 – Mr. Pravin Munde, MD of Magarpatta City – Mr. Satish Magar, Director of Magarpatta Retail – Mr. Shirish Magar, Technical Director of Magarpatta City – Mr. Umesh Magar and many more great pioneers. It was a Mega event with the presence of all these Heavy Weights..

So, by 8am, the ride was flagged by the Commissioner of Pune Police, Smt. Rashmi Shukla, and we were off for an approx 40km City Ride which was mapped from within the interior areas of the Pune City.. The Pune Traffic Police Team led the Pile of Superbikers in the rally..

The arrangements were pre-done and it was a moment of proud as we were giving something back to the society and becoming a role model for the youths and giving positive message of using a Helmet.. If you have read my previous blog,I had quoted a Hindi Proverb that says, Sar Salamat, toh Pagadi Hazaar; which means you can have as many dezires fulfilled by having your head safe, wear a helmet to keep your head intact..

Disclaimer – Don’t try this at home.. Shot using proper Action Camera which was attached on the Handle Bar..

Yes, I had our TriColor attached to my bike and let me tell you there is no feeling like seeing the National Flag flutter majestically with all its might showering its glitter on the earth right in your rear view mirror..

The ride ended in about an Hour and Half and we came back to Seasons Mall where we were about to witness an exquisite Dance Performances by various artists and Dance Academies.. We were served breakfast before the event and yes, free RedBull 😂😂…

We disbursed back to our homes after the fantastic performances by the team Dance Exhibala..


If you are Pune, own a Royal Enfield, and want to join our club BRC, leave a comment below with your number or simply go to BRCpune’s Facebook page (link above) and ping SARANG, the Club Leader..

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Few More Photos From the Ride-


See more Photos on Seasons Mall’s Facebook page here:

Thank You for Reading, see yaa and wait for my next Freedom Rush Blog 😁😁😁😁…


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