Using Headphones while you commute on your bike ? | Then You Must read this…


We all love listening to good music when we are whirling through our daily commute, especially if the route is boring or you are used to the same road and there is nothing new coming up… Well, if you are using a pair of headphones 🎧 or a Bluetooth Helmet
for that matter and playing music while riding, then please don’t…

This happened yesterday, I was riding back home 🏡 when I saw a bike crashed on to a car coming from the other side, all this happened right in front of me; obviously, it was the biker’s mistake as he went to the wrong side and hit the car… Both, the bike which was Yamaha R15 and a Toyota Fortuner were travelling at quite a good speed and it was a curve the Fortuner guy honked and I could hear it clearly so giving it side as it was overtaking from other lane to a truck I slowed down and gave way… He was honking loudly but this Yamaha guy could hardly hear him just because he was playing music very loudly in his helmet through his headphones… And then they crashed 💥

The very reason, they Yamaha rider just couldn’t hear the loudest of horns ever produced by the Fortuner… Fortunately though, the rider of the Yamaha was safe with a minor injury, why, because he had worn a full riding gear, although his bike wasn’t as lucky as him… The R15 chassis ripped apart and the fibreglass body was broken into pieces… The helmet did save his life but his habit of headphones became the reason for his bike’s death, maybe he won’t be able to fix his bike again, maybe his family won’t let him ride a bike again or maybe he can’t just move on from this episode… As far as the Toyota owner is concerned, he has filed a case against the biker as suggested by the Police Officers present over there… His car suffered quite a lot of damage on the front side… After all this, the traffic was moving once again…

Lesson to learnYou may use headphones while riding but please don’t use them to Groove on the street, use them only as handsfree when you get a call… Even then, you should move to the side of the road…

Happy Riding…

The above incident is 100% true and I was a live witness of the same…



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