Breakfast Ride to Shri Satya Sai Pandurang Kshetra, Hadshi

Date – 19th March 2017, Sunday

It was the third Sunday of March and as usual, we decided to do a ride just like we do every Sunday no matter what… So, the location was finalized which was the Satya Sai temple near a small village of Hadshi near Mulshi for our 206th Ride

The meeting point decided was Chandani Chowk in Pune… So, we met at 6:00am, a total of 31 Enfield Riders showed up, few of which were having their first ever CLUB RIDE… We all were briefed and we started the ride from our meeting point… By 6:30am, we arranged ourselves in a pack and started the ride…

Here We go again

Feeling the fresh morning air and the pre-summer vibes, we gushed through the narrow winding ghat roads… Personally, this was the first time I was riding at 90+kmh/h in ghats… But then again, this is one of the few things which you can experience only when you are riding with club and getting encouragement from your fellow riders… Riding pretty hard over the bumpy, cracked and the so-called roads, we reached the Paud village from where the road condition got worsened, more rough roads, and we rode with same speed on which some of us were worried for our MRF tyres which so not have a great history of sustaining such road conditions… Few riders with their action cameras captured some really intuiting timelapse videos of the road which really are a treat…



After about a 45min ride from Chandani chowk, we reached the temple property which basically was a privately-owned hill over which the main VITTHAL temple was established by around 7:15am… We had to ride through the ghat road which was again, owned and maintained by the Temple Trust… Let me tell you, it was a flat and crisp piece of well-maintained tarmac to every motor riders delight. We parked our bikes in the parking which was again, well-marked just like the complete setup of the property… Few members which lost their way or went in for a fill-up joint us directly here… We did a quick photo shoot and as the sun was getting hotter, we were feeling the rage so we without making any delays started our walk to the main temple complex…

Reaching the main complex which was as majestic as a phoenix, it was really mesmerizing to the eye… The main palace had water-fountains at the entrance and a huge garden surrounding it through which we had to make an entry in… We took the blessings of the God and then it was all about photoshoot… Selfies, Portraits, Candids, Groupfies, Group Photos and everything else you can imagine… We strolled around in the garden clicking pictures of/with the life-sized real life objects which were so beautiful that One could not just left them unattended… So, spending quite a spiritual time there, we decided to head out take the road back to home…

Pandurang Hari

We came back to parking lot where again we did a lot of photoshoots with the bike, with each other from different angles, even tried to get a Jugadoo Drone photo effect… Lol, yes, we did that… After that we geared up once again and started our return journey… Following the same route back home, we departed from Hadshi and this time we were riding even faster as almost every rider was hungry and we didn’t get anything, not even the Prasad at the temple…



So, riding back there was a great feeling of not wasting Sunday and doing something extra-ordinary than the third world people who were still sleeping by the time we reached back to Chandani Chowk… We did a final but not the last goodbye and disbursed to our own ways… NO casualties reported whatsoever; all in all a great, short Breakfast ride…

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If you are in Pune, own an Enfield and want to join our club, head down to this link of BRCpune ‘s facebook page or leave a message below… Expecting you soon..:)

*Please visit for more details regarding taking the club membership….



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