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ROYAL ENFIELD ONE RIDE 2017 | BRCpune | #MadeLikeAGunGoesLikeABullet

Sunday, 2nd April 2017

We start riding for the thrill, for the adventure, for our friends, for our quests, and we continue riding for ourselves.

It was not any other Sunday Ride for us, we Royal Enfield owners, it was like day of Diwali for us. The most anticipated ride of the year, #OneRide, was happening… Just like the tradition which is going on for the past 50 years, our club, BRCpune organized the event for all the passionate Enfielders in Pune… We have been participating in #OneRide for the past 8 years but, this year was ultra-special, last year around 156 BullRiders participated but this year we have broken all the records, not only in Pune but across the country… A whooping 207 passionate Royal Enfield riders from Pune and 10 riders from Mumbai participated which totals to a massive figure of 217


At 7am we gathered at Dehu Phata to where all the bikers from different parts of Pune came in together… As this was a RE event, the expectations were great and hence we had to live upon that… Prior to this event we made promotions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter along with mouth publicity which was the most important part… It was not a huge surprise because of the promotions we did (and the efforts that our seniors undertake) to see a large gathering of bikers, but yes, the scene was amazing especially the sound of 217 Royal Enfield bikes thumping together…

After a short briefing, we started our ride towards Lohagad, a fort which was a part of the arsenal of the great Shivaji Maharaj. Seeing a file of 217 riders staggered together on the highway is one thing but, riding in that file with utmost discipline and pride is other… It was quite a view for all the road side people and other people driving on roads especially when we hit the villages… Theoretically, with 217 people riding together, there should be minor issues like delays, crashes, etc but thank God, there weren’t any… All thanks to the awesome management… Sometimes things look like they won’t work, but, somehow, they do…

We approached the foothills of Lohagad from where all the photography and micro-blogging started… There were quite a few new riders who were struggling to get their bikes up on the steep ghat roads of the Maval ranges… It was such a great gesture shown by all the club members who not only helped them but gave life-long lessons on how to ride in ghats… This is what biking is all about, because the spirit of motor-cycling is above all the things in the world when you are on the ride with your friends, family, no matter whom, this is what OneRide is all about, to bring everyone together on a single platform out on the open roads…

We finally reached the parking of the fort where we took a long break… Few of them started to find breakfast and tea while our group was more interested visiting the main fort complex… Trekking up with the more conventional way by stairs we started our climb… The view in the way was extra-ordinary. Every turn we were posing for either a selfie or a groupfie, portraits, group photos and you name it, we were doing everything to capture the moment…

The sun was rising and as we were approaching the top, we began to feel the real heat which of course didn’t stop us from clicking more and more and more pictures and exploring the fort… Few of the riders were brave enough to beat the scorching heat and reach the summit of the fort…

The Famous BRC Bolt
The Bolt
From a Different Angle


After about spending a good one hour up, we slowly were inclining to move back to the base… In the way, we found our so-called ancestors aka the MONKEYS with whom people started taking selfies… Lol, just imagine one of them coming to him and snatching away his phone… Back in the parking everyone refreshed their own way, I personally had a good, freshly made, chilled sugarcane juice, heaven after the long trek on the mountain…

Everyone was already looking tired but this was not the end of the ride, we were going to take the exotic route via Pawana backwaters, the road famous for its breath-taking views but not so well maintained… There was gravel everywhere on the road with herds of cattle moving across the streets… A mishap was about to happen when a buffalo came in from no-where on the street right in the middle of our path, thankfully, no casualties reported not even to the buffalo but it certainly was a terrifying moment with the animal petrified at the end…

Moving along the curved and winding single lane road, we spotted some eye-catching scenery for which we did not wait to click… The temperature was soaring in the low 40’s but thankfully the winds were blowing keeping it coooool and giving much needed soothes… We approached Pirangut by 11:45am from where we were going to disburse… But it wasn’t over yet, the main thing, special edition #OneRide stickers were in the house for everyone who participated in the ride contributing to its mega success…


“The Only Perfect Way to feel the weather is to ride in it…”


The Videos of today’s ride –

Vinit Patil – https://youtu.be/rRF8eHnIfmQ

Amar Pawar – https://goo.gl/XvCwIR

If you are in Pune, own a Royal Enfield Motor Cycle (no matter which, be it a GT or a Himalayan, a Classic or a Thunderbird, Standard or an Electra) and want to join our club for further rides, visit BRCpune‘s facebook page or WhatsApp Sarang on +91 95796 43213 !!



Ride + Trek to Dhak chi Bahiri

IMG-20170326-WA0075Sunday, 26th April 2017

Yes, you read that correct, Ride + Trek, it was as unconventional as it sounds… But, then that’s what Life is all about…
You don’t eat Dal-Chawal every day, you need Biryani once in a while…

So, it was all decided, the location itself, Dhak chi Bahiri, was very famous for breaking the bones of the trekkers; around 25 people promised to come out of which only what, about 18 showed up… We were strictly warned, not to Google the location, yes, that’s true no Googling, this was the first challenge in which about 60% failed, Lol, yes… So, leaving the next day at 5:00am for a trek meant sleeping early, but, to everyone’s surprise, the WhatsApp group was active until 2:00 in the night…

So, with all the packed surprises that were awaiting our presence, we met sharp at 5:00am at Symbi just like we decided… People were coming in until 5:15 after which we left for Dehu Phata were more of our riders were going to catch up… To everyone’s surprise, a Benelli rider accompanied us… We did a small gathering at Dehu Phata, our only Pit Stop, from which we headed towards Kamshet via the Old Mumbai-Pune highway… Let me tell you, even if the highway is accompanied by ‘old’ tag, it was a crisp flat piece of freshly surfaced tarmac… It was quite dark until we reach Kamshet, this was the very first time where I officially used my new Fog Lamps… They truly are a delight, no more blind spots at night on my Thunderbird, yay…


So, we finally reached the Zambhavli village asking directions from the passers and trusting our instincts (as Google-baba is highly unreliable once you move out of the cities) by around 6:45am and got glimpses of magical sunrise, just like the great MK Gandhi quoted, “head out to the villages to see the real beauty of India !!” …


Let me tell you one thing, this was one isolated village with hardly a few houses but, the approach road (maintained by TATA Sons Ltd.) was way better maintained than most internal roads of our cities… So hats off to them.

We geared down at a local resident’s house, secured our helmets and riding gears in his home… People there were quite helpful, asked us tea and later even made us good Gavran Meal of Pithla-Bhakri, yum (on chargeable basis) … A local from the village assisted on our trek which we started after tea. The starting point was still about 1.5km away on top of the mountain… Without worrying about the road conditions, which shouldn’t be called road, in a sense, it was just a planned way to go a top so it was more fun as we were doing some unplanned off-road… The Benelli did struggle here…

So, we reached the commanding point where we parked our bikes and started to look out for the famous Bhairav Temple which was right up there some 20 miles away across 3 mountains through which we had to trek up and down… We formed (it formed on its own) two groups, the first was over-enthusiastic took the trek way too seriously went up ahead with that local guy who was about 60yrs old but was more fit than all of us… Our group as you can call was more chilled off, we took all the unimaginable routes, through waterfalls, dried river paths, photographing every spot selfies, groupfies, etc… While the other guys were quite ahead of us, we carved our way doing Rock Climbing, Valley crossings (micro valleys), tree swings and what not… The sun wasn’t up yet so it was pretty cool and the surrounding Panoramic views were absolutely breath-taking, nothing like I had seen before in the recent past… Crossing the valleys, small alleyways, going up & down the mountains with steep passes carved and sculpted through rocks and passing through the woods we finally the reached the main hurdle of the trek… Hardly 10min from the cave to the naked eye, but it took about an hour to cross…

The cave is right behind in the Mountain

It was basically a way over a steep ridge over a cliff, no safety gears but, just an age-old rope which could break anytime… Fortunately, it didn’t… The last part was to hold the rope with all the force and climb up 90 degree up on a so-called ladder which were ma-made ridges to help keep the feet aboard… The rides everywhere were hardly 5 inches wide, one wrong step and you fall 5000ft down with absolutely no chances of surviving… Next up we again had to climb to straight up on two wooden logs, as extreme as it could get baby… I did it successfully, not many including myself believed that I could successfully climb up and reach the summit but I guess it was Mahadev’s blessings that I got up there… We spent a good 20min up there inside the temple in the cave…

There was no second way down, we had to take the same way and suffer everything that comes in the way, yes, difficulty level was increased, the sun was right up there, raging with fire, showering his flares and we we ran out of water… This was the first time in my life that I needed water so desperately… That moment I really felt the situation in which the people in the desert live… There was no source of water in between, we were the only living humans around, everything was dried up, we were exhausted and felt the closest to getting roasted in hell… I was the slowest guy in our whole team, really appreciate each and every one, they didn’t left me behind, that’s what true brotherhood is all about… As we were slowly approaching the parking area which we could see from our eyes but no more stamina was left, not even to step ahead an inch, that’s when we started playing songs, Tamma Tamma Loge and all… I was thirsty and few trekkers from other gave me water in the middle of no-where, they came there like God, will never forget that…

The blurred SRK pose… Lol !!!

Inching towards the victory, I was feeling just if I can get an air-lift, reaching my bike who’s seat was roasted, I didn’t have the energy to get her out from the main stand and thank God Royal Enfield is giving self-start to new bikes, I wasn’t able to even put the gears properly through that same rocky road through which we came… Somehow we managed to reach back the village with practically broken backs, burnt feet, scratched hands and a tired brain with a dehydrated body… We took refreshments there and started our journey back home, reaching Dehu Phata, we disbursed…

Riding back home, successfully doing one of the toughest treks in Maharashtra, we had a sense of pride in our heart and with no causalities whatsoever, it was indeed a great ride and an awesome trek which has definitely strengthened the relationship bonds…

See More Photos here 🙂

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Conclusion – If Everyone thinks you can’t do it, then you must do it…

If you are in Pune, own an Enfield and want to join our club, just head down to BRCpune‘s facebook page to get more details or just leave a message below…

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Lavasa Ride

Date – 5th October 2016

It was a very unusual day as the Monsoon was long gone but it was about to rain.. In the midst of the situation someone sparked with an idea to go to Lavasa for a #BikeRide.. So we decided to bunk the college that day, and so we set off with 2 Royal Enfields, a KTM and a Suzuki..


I was riding my Thunderbird which just glides effortlessly on the Winding Smooth Tarmac Roads that lead to Lavasa which passes through several Ghats, Valleys, Waterfalls; You can say that the area becomes Heaven when it rains.. Lavasa is a True Blue Paradise for Bikers, No matter what you ride, you are definitely up for something..

It was raining pretty hard and as we were approaching the #LakeCity, we stopped at numerous spots for Photo Sessions.. In the Mountains we were all surrounded by Thick Fog which apparently were the Clouds… It was such a beautiful or you can say eye-pleasing view that we decided to stop and take a break as the visibilty was almost zero..


So after taking a short break, filling up our appetite, we set off again.. Cruising at around 70km/h we reached Lavasa by around 12p… There were hardly any people out there due to the Heavy Rains and Constant Landslides in the area so the roads were empty making our lives that much more enjoyable to test out the maximum output from our engines..

By 3pm we were back wandering in to the city (its basically a colony) which is inspired by the city of Portofino in Italy on the Mediterranean coast clicking photographs and preping to head back home…

You might have seen this place in various hit Bollywood MOVIES like Jai Ho, Gabbar is Back, Bodyguard, etc … Lavsa is also Home to India Bike Week that takes place in July each year when all the superbikers from India and abroad come and showcase their biking skills here..

All in All its a great place if you are in Pune and one of the must visits as Lovnavala is getting common and everyone is visiting Lonavala, just try Lavsa and it won’t let you down..

Wait for my next block and till then have a look at this above journey through the photos below..

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Happy Riding.. #RideSafe..

Affordable Riding Gear

The Happiness of riding a bike is unmatched, you don’t want it to get sour anytime.. Evey time you ride a bike, you must take care that you are riding it with full caution.. Safety gear is must to #KeepYouInOnePiece 😂😅

So here I am posting a list of Safety Gear(s) which are utmost important while riding a bike.. The Gear ranges from as low as Rs. 200 (things like Buff, Gloves, etc. ) to as much as you can afford actually… No matter how much you spend on other things, make sure to spend at least 45% on a Helmet.. You know there’s a saying, Sar Salamat to Pagdi Hazaar… Now you know why.. So lets start..


Make sure you spend the max budget on the helmet you buy..  Brands like Vega, Kranos, Studds, MT, etc give an awesome value for money… See the one that fits your head perfectly, Online SIZE CHARTS should help you in this..

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Riding Jackets

As pricing and variety mostly depend on the size and the material you are desiring, jackets completely depend on personal taste.. While buying make sure its thick and washable as thick jackets soak up all the shock when/if you fell off from the bike and prevents minor scratches…

Buy from Spartan Pro Gear

Shin and Elbow Guards

These protect your joints and prevents fracture on most occasion.. These are very essential if you want to walk on both your legs and ride back again after a fatal accident.. Investing in a long shin guard can be very fruitful while toughened plastic elbow guards will do the job just fine..

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Riding Gloves

They soak up must of the vibration from the handle bar (if any) and prevent finger injuries when you fell.. The Also are essential as the provide proper wrist support for holding the accelerator and the clutch bar.. You can buy the ones from ProBiker as they are quite affordable and do the job perfectly.. I myself use them and do highly recommend them..

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High Ankle Shoes

These are completely different from your regular loafers and shoes.. The high ankle length ensures your foot don’t get twist when you fell from the bike.. Again, even these depend on which you buy and from where you buy.. If your use is low to moderate you can go for the one’s in the link… These were my first High Ankle Shoes and really are good..

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Thats it… All the basics that you need for a safe Ride on any terrain…

Get Out and Explore…